The Secret Ingredient

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Before we direct, correct, encourage, sell to, influence, plead with, or praise people, let’s take a moment to quietly love them. If we can’t love them, let’s appreciate them. We can find even some small aspect about who they are that we honestly appreciate. It takes a minute or two before a meeting. With practice, we can do it […]

Juicy Goodness

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Within each of us is a wealth of juicy goodness. As leaders, a big part of our job is to recognize, name, nurture, and deploy that goodness–our team’s and our own.   In your corner, Mike PS: How to begin? Get good at seeing it in everyone including you. photo credit: slices via photopin (license)


Meaning of it All and the Poet

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At work, at home, and in general, we sometimes need to know the meaning of it all. (So, here goes…) We walk through the apparently very real, engrossing, confusing, and painful-and-pleasureful landscape of life. As we do, we struggle. Then, slowly, with the careful and gentle help of the The Poet, we become aware that existence is more than […]

thank you

A Gracious Thank You

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What is the proper response to praise? How should we act when others tell us how talented we are? Downplay? Demur? Or quickly try to deflect with a compliment of our own for them? Maybe we should we analyze their comments for ulterior motives. Nope. The best response to praise from anyone for any reason […]


The Best Way to Receive Criticism

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Like buffaloes walking toward storms to reduce the duration of their exposure, we can best weather criticisms by heading right for them. Try this. Ask the people who matter in your career (and life) what they think you do well and what you could improve. Thank them for their candor. After gathering their input, select […]

jump the gun

Jumping the Gun

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In leadership, influence, and sales, we can blunder by making our case too early. And we know we are making our case too early because we feel bad: rushed, frustrated, tense, or afraid. Perhaps we feel that we need to explain the what, why, who, when, and how. Or maybe we think we want to impress the other person with […]