Slow Down to Speed Up

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We need to influence other people’s actions every day. To do so, we usually try what I call “going faster to speed up.” We tell, suggest, teach, make a case, or argue. Sometimes we’ll use indirect influencing emotions like excitement or guilt. Then we hope that they’ll do what we want sooner than later. The […]

Believe It More Than They Do

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To lead, coach, teach, parent, influence, or sell, you can study lots of techniques. And I recommend you do. To do these very well, cultivate your belief in others. Develop such a strong belief in each person’s abilities, potential, and future successes–even before you see any evidence–that they begin to believe it, too.   To […]

Politics is a Symptom

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Where you see politics in your workplace, resist the temptation to blame your co-workers. Yes, there are some people who are naturally very political. They foster power struggles, intrigues, backstabbing, and information/asset hoarding. But most of the politics you see at work are symptoms of larger problems. These problems are a lack of a clear, […]