The Keep or Toss

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How are you feeling today? We have spoken about the improved effectiveness and other benefits of deliberately tuning your thinking towards thoughts that feel better and better. (See Effectiveness Habit #2: Feel Good. Then Act and here.) Tools to help you feel good include The Flip, The Ladder, Telling Yourself a Different Lie, and Focusing […]

A Better Way and Why

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Why not to do anything : To pay the bills To avoid pain To please another To get the girl or guy To stay safe Because it’s what you have always done Because someone says so Why do anything? To enjoy it Because it is interesting, exciting, tasty, different Because it feels better The first […]

Focus on the Good Stuff

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In the Effectiveness Habit #2: Feel good. Then Act. we see how useful it is to take some time and feel better about your situation before acting. In addition to tools like The Flip The Ladder Telling Yourself a Different Lie and others, listing things that you appreciate also does wonders. Make a list on […]

The Flip

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The Flip is an unexpectedly effective tool you can use to feel good before you act. (See Effectiveness Habit #2: Feel Good. Then Act.) When you notice that you are not feeling good (tension, weightiness, or exhaustion felt in chest, gut, limbs, back, neck etc.) follow these steps. Note it. “I am feeling________. I’m thinking […]

Effectiveness Habit #2: Feel good. Then act.

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You can get more done with more ease by building seven effectiveness habits. Build them one at a time over the next several weeks and months. You need not, for the most part, build them in the order I present them. Here’s today’s habit… Effectiveness Habit #2: Feel good. Then act. When we feel bad–stressed, […]