How to Silence Your Inner Critic

Our Inner Critic slows our success. It likes to distract us by arguing why something won’t work. It tells us lies about how ignorant, poor, unattractive, isolated, weak, or insane we are.

Here’s how to silence the Critic.

  1. Counter its opinions with thoughts and stories that say you are wise, abundant, attractive, connected, strong, and in charge. (Start small if you need to with thoughts that are only slightly more positive and that you can buy into.)
  2. Note how those improved thoughts feel, physically. Common sensations include relief, release, lightness, or warmth in your legs, back, arms, neck, belly, or chest.
  3. Chances are, the Critic will argue even more loudly, insisting it is right. Note how the Critic’s opinions as always feel bad.
  4. Remind your Critic that bad-feeling thoughts are always a lie. Good-feeling thoughts are always true.

Unable to argue the point, your Critic will back down and let you get on with your success.


In your corner,


PS: You may need to try this one to see how it works.

PPS: And if you want to hold your thumb and finger in the shape of an L on your forehead and say “Loser!” to the Critic, it might feel good, too. 😉

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