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They say that execution eats strategy for breakfast. But emotional intelligence devours execution while it sleeps. Ew. But hmm.

Contributing to the Problem?

In all conflicts, both sides contribute. Every time we get wound up by another’s behavior, we must stop to see how our […]

beat up

Learning to Argue

Turns out that the best course of action is rarely the one we (first) thought of. To get the most out of […]

drop the rope

Drop the Rope

An argument or conflict is like a tug-of-war. To win, you have to pull, pull, pull. Someone wins and someone losses. But […]


You Can’t Solve Team Conflicts

We have all seen conflict arise between team members. In many cases, resolution is quick. Sometimes, though, the conflict gets personal. The […]



Tense negotiations, touchy customer service problems, and other emotionally charged situations usually involve two or more parties protecting themselves from each other. […]



If we don’t agree on what is now true, what we want it to be in the future, and why, then we […]