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  • 6 Reasons You Don’t Have Enough Ideal Clients (and How to Fix That)

    6 Reasons You Don’t Have Enough Ideal Clients (and How to Fix That)

    Ideal clients are the ones we love to do business with. They are easy to work with, appreciate and value us, challenge us and want us to challenge them. Doing business with them is profitable and they think they are getting a good deal from us. We wish we could clone them and they wish all their partners could be more like us. So why can’t all our clients be ideal one? Read on to learn six things that get in the way and what to do instead.

  • Forfiets


    Forfeiting business with people we don’t like or at a cost we can’t afford is no real loss at all.   In your corner, Mike PS: If it’s not win-win, we have to pass. Today’s photo credit: OliviaKitunen Enid A. Haupt Garden via photopin (license)

  • There Is No Law

    There Is No Law

    There is no law that says we have to compete on price. Despite what people say and what we may fear, we do not need to lower our prices in order to succeed. The law that does apply is the law of supply and demand. If we honestly provide something rare and valuable then people…

  • We May Be Undercharging

    We May Be Undercharging

    Profit pressure may come from burgeoning costs or poor planning. But often it comes from not charging enough. Many of us feel we need to compete on price because that’s what the market demands. Really, though, it’s because we still have to do the work of focusing on our ideal clients, listening to how they explain…

  • Customer or Customer-Service?

    Customer or Customer-Service?

    Customer-service oriented leaders go out of their way to ensure that clients have the best possible experience with their companies’ products and services. Laudable. Customer-oriented leaders go out of their way to understand what the clients need, want, and desire now and in the future. They then design their companies’ products and services to meet those…

  • Sharpen Your Market for Fun and Profit

    Sharpen Your Market for Fun and Profit

    There is a huge temptation to say, “Our target market is everybody.” After all, the bigger our market, the more opportunity, and the more likely we can continue to grow and provide our products and services, right? No. A large target market is difficult if not impossible to engage and serve. It’s tough to be…

  • The Wrong Approach to Marketing That Almost Everyone Uses

    The Wrong Approach to Marketing That Almost Everyone Uses

    There is a wrong way to market ourselves or our company and a right way. The wrong way is to describe ourselves and our product’s or service’s features, functions, and benefits. Example: “We are the leading, global provider of kitchen tools including our award-winning turnip twanglers. Committed to excellence, we produce high-quality, low-cost tools such…