A New Type of Leader


Our organizations need something different from us at each size and stage. What had worked so well for us becomes less and less effective as our organizations grow and evolve. Worse, our familiar ways of leading can do damage.

For example, smaller and newer companies need us to be bold, demanding, and hands-on. As they get established, we need to become steady coaches who delegate. And companies that have hit a plateau need us to be visionary, encouraging, and steadfast. Being hands-on, for instance, in the latter stages just gets in the way.

Sometimes we can’t see when we need to learn new ways and shift our leadership. One thing we can do is anticipate it. We can then seek input and guidance from those around us. Another thing we can do is notice the organization itself. When it struggles, it’s likely time for us to become a new type of leader.


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PS: What got us here won’t get us there.


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