When You Don’t Know What’s Next

mind map

The fuel for the engine of your Effectiveness System is knowing the next step for each project/desired outcome. Knowing the next step tames daunting projects. To move ahead on any project, we answer these two questions:

  1. What is the desired outcome?
  2. What is the next, doable step?

Sometimes, though, we get stuck because we can’t tell what the next step is. The project may be too new or have too many moving parts.

When this happens, the best next step is to decide, well, what the next best step is. Make an item on your task lists to sit and think through the project. And when you are ready to do that thinking, try sketching a mind map of the key elements of the project. The next step will emerge quickly.


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PS: I use mind mapping software to help me think through projects. Freeplane and SimpleMind are two of my favorites.


Today’s photo credit: Philippe Boukobza cc

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