The Source of Confusion


Most of us get confused about what we want in our businesses, careers, and lives. Even those of us who seem strong-willed are not immune; we A-types often mask our confusion with current urgencies.

The source of the confusion is other people. What other people say, think, and what we think they might say or think hold too much sway. We have allowed our spouses, parents, other family members, colleagues, friends, and even enemies to define the yardsticks we measure ourselves against.

It’s fine to seek others feedback, wisdom, and guidance. It makes all the sense in the world to know, deliver upon, and evolve our commitments with people close to us. But we really must define our own goals and measures. We begin easily with self-knowing (SweetSpot) and just enough self-trust to get going.


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2 thoughts on “The Source of Confusion

    1. Yes. I was thinking that this little reminder would help. Or we could say, “If you ARE feeling confused, then go within to clarify your measures of success.”

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