a strawberry

We have a word that describes something that cannot be described with words: ineffable. (Funny, isn’t it?)

Here are some examples of ineffable things:

  • the taste of a strawberry,
  • love, and
  • the knowing or sense of expecting a desired result without needing it, trying to make it happen, hoping it will happen, or being falsely optimistic that it will happen.

While we can use words to point to them, we cannot communicate clearly and completely these actual experiences. Of course, I’d love to be able to describe that last one to you. It would be so amazing if you could have that feeling about something you’ve been wanting simply by reading about it. I wish I could hand you that powerful, world-changing experience right now.

And I can’t. It’s ineffable. So I’ll keep pointing to it until you remember what it’s really like.


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