The Choice Between Being the Boss and Being Nice


As leaders (with or without title), we struggle with the choice to be the boss or to be nice. If we choose to be nice, then people will like us, conflict will be low, but they will walk all over us or not get stuff done. If we choose to be the boss, then people will do the things we say but not for very long (they will leave or ignore us) because we aren’t nice.

Of course, we can be the boss and be nice.

We can care about people and get them to do stuff. We remember that people’s ultimate happiness (we understand that we and they can set aside momentary comfort for real happiness) comes from being more and more effective, accountable, growing, and free.  We learn what their goals and dreams are and commit to help. We give them accountability and hold them accountable for important things. We allow for errors because they are not the threats they seem to be; they are precious tools to help us all get where we want to go.

These are huge, loving, and business-savvy acts. Another is summoning faith in their and our abilities to do all this.


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Today’s photo credit: Lori Greig via photopin cc

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