Find Meaningful Work, Part 1

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How does one find meaningful work? Start with knowing what is meaningful. We choose to give meaning to something by noticing and appreciating it. In your career, the trick is not to somehow find work that is meaningful. The trick is to choose confidently whatever you choose to notice and appreciate. Then find all the […]



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To be a Pollyanna is to be irrepressibly positive amidst the realities of life. Those who haven’t figured it out yet use the term pejoratively. They say, “Face the realities of life! Don’t try to pretend everything is great when it clearly is not. Don’t be such a Pollyanna.” And we say, “Of course we […]


Freedom of Choice

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“Should I get a(nother) degree or start a new company?” “Should we acquire this company, double down on that technology, or increase dividends?” “Should we get married? Have kids?” “Should I stay or should I go, now?” Go deeply…no, sorry, much deeper than that…into an important decision. You will have to press past the thicket […]

rock and hard place

Neither A nor B

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“Option A is bad and Option B is worse.” We can get stuck thinking there are only one or two ways out of a given situation. Consider closely for a moment anything you struggle with. Within that struggle, you likely are entertaining a false dichotomy: “It’s A or B.” We can break out of this […]


Happen to Life

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Most of the time, life happens to us. And that is fun, interesting, and safe. Sometimes, though, we need to happen to life. If we keep thinking thoughts like, “When will I ever get there?” or “When will X ever happen?” or “When will I finally have Y?” then that’s a very good sign that […]

Your Choice

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If what you need from another is that they are self-sufficient, confident, creative, and working well with others, then encourage them with love, patience, trust, and your time. If what you want from another is fighting, procrastination, resentment, anger, and hurt, then push, criticize, minimize, or reject them. Your choice, as always.   In your […]

Happiness Is Not The Goal

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As we prepare to enjoy some holiday or end-of-year festivities, it is important to remember something about happiness. Happiness is not a goal or result of our effort. Happiness is a state we can enter or not, at will. When we see it as a result, we strive and struggle. We say, “If I do […]

When to Refresh

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Daily and weekly refreshes keep your Effectiveness Habits going strong. As described in Habit #6, refreshes make sure your lists stay current and you generally stay calm and in charge. Here are some options for when you might choose to do your refreshes. Daily Refreshes: at the end of your business day, before bed, upon […]