How to Use All that Wisdom

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When we are running a low buzz, most of the wisdom and advice we hear sounds like misguided, wishful thinking,  at best,  or deceptive cruelty at worst. When we take the time to raise our buzz, what had been dark and ponderous becomes happily obvious and practical. This does not mean that every bon mot, […]

What to Do About Low-Buzz Organizations

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Some organizations buzz at such a low level that we can feel it as soon as we walk into their offices, shops, or buildings. We don’t have to witness the poorer performance, lower morale, or more questionable results; they seem to be somehow in the air. Happily, it only takes one of us to turn […]



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When you raise your buzz, new tools and solutions–ones you couldn’t see or wouldn’t appreciate at a lower buzz–become available. One of those tools is serendipity. At a lower buzz, we worry about how things will happen. Raising our buzz, we notice more and more happy, beneficial, chance meetings, events, and coincidences. We go from […]

warning sign

Early Warning Sign

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You know, I do tend to go on about feeling good. Yet there is value in a bad feeling or in thoughts that feel bad to think. We feel bad when we are focused on something counter to our goals. We notice that if we stay focused on the bad-feeling thought, we lower our buzz […]

keep up

No Need to Keep Up

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Many of us subtly push away success. We fear it. We think, “Sure, I want to be more successful. But I am already so busy and bothered. In order to be more successful, I’d have to do more of this and more of that. I’d have to give up lots of this other thing, too. […]

plug in

Every Day, Please

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Meditate, pray, read. Go for a walk, have a cup of tea, do yoga, get a hug. Give a hug, watch your child sleeping, stretch, skip, scratch behind your cat’s ears. Listen. Sink that putt, pot that goal, cook a meal. Do any other exercise, dream, write, paint, pet your dog, celebrate, appreciate, sing. Do […]


Tips for Raising Your Buzz

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Q: “How do you raise your buzz?” A: We raise our buzz in any way that makes us feel good, really good. We need not understand or even identify the bad-feeling thought. Just ask, “What thought would feel better than this?” Appreciating all that you already are and have is another good method. And so […]


Raise a Little Buzz

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When a problem persists even if you seem to have tried everything, the temptation is to blame others, self, the world. It is far more productive to frame the problem in terms of buzz. Einstein said it well: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” The solutions […]



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We can plot every thought, feeling, emotion, and moment on a “buzz scale” that might go from from “dark and crappy” to “unbridled delight.” We can also plot our overall buzz as the place where we usually sit on that scale. Our buzz levels correlate to our world- and self views. The higher our buzz, […]