There is a way of moment-to-moment living that is very different from how we ordinarily live. It is deep, useful, beautiful, helpful, powerful, and calm. It feels both utterly alien and so much like home. You would probably like it a lot.

Living this way is not difficult. Finding it seems very difficult.

This way has been known for millennia, as best as I can tell. It has been described in varied ways by the philosophers, prophets, professors, poets, and priests. Most of these people have experienced this way. And some have not. They all want to share it so that you and I can also benefit.

These teachers run into three problems that keep us from benefiting. First, we don’t get what they are saying, really. Second, we devolve what they say into a rite and think that just following prescribed steps is the way. And third, we tend to fight over which of the teachers’ descriptions is the right one. (Hint: they pretty much all are.)

These problems have one cause: words. Words are wholly insufficient here. No matter how strongly we wish it, words just can’t do the job of explaining how to find this simple, successful way of living.

But they can point to the way so you can find it yourself. And I stand ready to help you find it yourself.


In your corner,


PS: Their job is to keep pointing. Our job is to listen beyond the words. Oh, and to complete that report your client wants this week.

Today’s photo credit: modomatic via photopin cc

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