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  • We are the Antidote

    We are the Antidote

    There are all sorts of reasons to be pessimistic about our world. And the problems are real: economic turmoil, competition, rising costs of living, climate, injustice, disease, war, politics, etc. But there are, I submit, many more things to be optimistic about. (For a sampling of good news stories check out sites like Reasons to […]

  • When in Doubt, Zoom Out

    When in Doubt, Zoom Out

    Every problem is solvable. And we can be the solution-finding leaders our companies (and world) need. But we don’t believe this. So, zoom out, dear leader.

  • Gruesome


    They say that execution eats strategy for breakfast. But emotional intelligence devours execution while it sleeps. Ew. But hmm.

  • Choose Wisely, Leader

    Choose Wisely, Leader

    Everywhere we look, there are tumultuous events on the surface and a calmer, wiser, stronger force sitting quietly behind the hoopla. We see it in people, companies, and entire populations.  As this article describes, no matter how horrible it looks on the surface, we gain hope and power by tapping the wiser, quieter parts. Choosing…

  • Stop Trying to Measure Up

    Stop Trying to Measure Up

    Most of us struggle to measure up. It can be subtle but not hard to see when we look. We want to get the grade, win the prize, be special. Or at least be in the running, not in last place. Even those of us who eschew the rat race strain to distinguish ourselves by…

  • Pause. Breathe. Look. Leap.

    Pause. Breathe. Look. Leap.

    In our drive to get things done, we often leap into action. But best practices would say, “Pause. Breathe. Look. Leap.” Do daily and weekly check-ins on our own work and with our teams. Then get into action. Do deep monthly, quarterly, and annual planning for ourselves, our careers, with our families, and with our…

  • Choosing to Relieve Your Company’s Growth Pains

    Choosing to Relieve Your Company’s Growth Pains

    Growth hurts. We don’t like the complexity. Our company used to be simpler but now has more people and more moving parts. We spend time on things–bureaucratic things!–that we never needed to spend time on before. Issues that used to be unnoticeable or at least manageable become painful. Everyone gives more but we’re getting burnt…

  • How to Finish the Year Well

    How to Finish the Year Well

    How to have a really successful year end? Spoiler: do less, not more.

  • Why Direction, Goals, and Objectives Can Fail

    Why Direction, Goals, and Objectives Can Fail

    Our number one priority as leaders is setting direction, goals, and objectives. Why do we only sometimes achieve them? Three reasons: We set them incorrectly. They were not clear, practical, and aligned with our purpose and values. We can learn from experience to set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) direction, goals, and objectives…

  • 3 Reactions to Growth

    3 Reactions to Growth

    We are entering what could be one of the largest spikes in economic growth we’ve seen in a generation or two. Pent up demand and cash continues to explode. How will we respond when growth hits us? We have three choices: Give It: Stomp on the gas. Work harder. Push.Give In: Duck for cover. Tread…