We Always Have Choices

When faced with adversity at work, we have three choices. We can leave, we can stay and help change the offending things, or we can stay and change how we respond to those things so that they no longer offend.

All three options are possible. All will work and create more freedom, happiness, and growth. All have pros and cons. And all require heavy emotional lifting. Choosing one doesn’t always preclude choosing the others later.

Which we choose depends on which sort of lifting and outcomes we’d like to try.

Despite what we may think, we have choices.


In your corner,


PS: There are, of course, two other options. We can shut up, put our heads down, suck it up, and take it. Or we can complain, revolt, or otherwise decry our fate. But these fail to deliver any freedom, happiness, or growth. So, yuck, right?


Today’s photo credit: Aaron Jacobs cc

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