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  • We Always Have Choices

    We Always Have Choices

    When faced with adversity at work, we have three choices. We can leave, we can stay and help change the offending things, or we can stay and change how we respond to those things so that they no longer offend. All three options are possible. All will work and create more freedom, happiness, and growth. […]

  • We Must Get Good at Politics

    We Must Get Good at Politics

    Show me an organization rife with politics and I’ll show your an organization where the boss hates politics. Politics is the system of self-promotion that benefits the individual at great cost to the rest of the stakeholders. We leaders must understand politics very well. Then we can address it as soon as we see it.…

  • Your Constellation of Talents

    Your Constellation of Talents

    Sandra from the operations department is superb at strategy. Ken over in accounting is a great salesperson. And Pat in IT is so good at coaching others. We know we can’t be good at everything that others are good at. We may share different talents with some people. But why compare? We each have a unique…

  • A Cure-All

    A Cure-All

    There is a cure that is good for reducing unsightly politics, itchy inaction, painful apathy, and embarrassing turnover. It is also good for vigorously increasing sales and meaningful impact. It is not a pill, tincture, tea, or cream. It doesn’t come from a dispensary; it comes from all of us. We as leaders (with or without title),…

  • Time to Set a Strategy

    Time to Set a Strategy

    Stagnation. Lack of results. People spending time on intrigue, politics, silo building, or just rearranging the deck chairs. When we see signs like these, it’s time to set a strategy. A compelling strategy–one that everyone understands and supports–is an amazing cure-all. With everyone focused and in the game, results become more important than the distractions.  …

  • When Tension is High, Intellect Isn’t

    When Tension is High, Intellect Isn’t

    We are blessed with wonderful intellects. In the blink of an eye, we can solve problems and find answers to our questions. Yet whenever we are in a high-tension situation (examples: a political fight in the office, an angry client, an exam, a conflict at home, a presentation, a budget issue, or anything that feels tense or heavy), thinking…

  • Noble, Essential Politics

    Noble, Essential Politics

    While we either relish the fight or roil at the discord, there is an essential value of politics, partisanship, and conflict: we get broader, more robust solutions.  And it works in business, government, science, religion, family, and even romance. Of course, most politics these days are quite noxious. Yet we can get the positive parts…

  • Politics is a Symptom

    Where you see politics in your workplace, resist the temptation to blame your co-workers. Yes, there are some people who are naturally very political. They foster power struggles, intrigues, backstabbing, and information/asset hoarding. But most of the politics you see at work are symptoms of larger problems. These problems are a lack of a clear,…