There Is No Law

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There is no law that says we have to compete on price. Despite what people say and what we may fear, we do not need to lower our prices in order to succeed.

The law that does apply is the law of supply and demand. If we honestly provide something rare and valuable then people will happily pay more. What’s rare and valuable? Our understanding of and ability to serve our clients, our ability to work well with others, and our commitment to something bigger than ourselves or this transaction.

Instead of price-cutting, we can race to the top by listening, caring, serving, and improving.



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PS: This does not mean we get to raise our prices just because we think we deserve it.

PPS: Another way to see it: we will have all the money we want as a happy by-product of listening, caring, serving, and improving.


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How To Compete and Win-Win

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A commitment to win-win is one of four key components of success. And going for win-win does not mean we avoid competing in the market. It does not mean we capitulate. It does not mean we give everyone a medal just for participating.

It does mean that we refuse to play if anyone who matters (colleagues, clients, bosses, employees, partners, competitors, family, friends, communities, ourselves, et al.) ends up unheard, disrespected, or undervalued.

Lose-win and win-lose create such unacceptably poor results. Win-win solutions are much richer and more efficient for us and them, immediately and in the future.

And win-win always feels good.


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PS : We start by asking what ultimate result would make a win for them.


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Let Them Copy You

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I cannot argue that we needn’t bother protecting trade secrets. Maybe there are ideas or methods that should be kept hidden away.

Or maybe the amount of time, energy, and money spent on keeping things secret could be better invested elsewhere. If you let others copy your ideas, products, methods, etc., you save all that effort.

Anyway, they can’t copy what your clients really buy from you: your spark, motivation, ability, commitment, collaboration, caring, and élan.


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