How To Compete and Win-Win


A commitment to win-win is one of four key components of success. And going for win-win does not mean we avoid competing in the market. It does not mean we capitulate. It does not mean we give everyone a medal just for participating.

It does mean that we refuse to play if anyone who matters (colleagues, clients, bosses, employees, partners, competitors, family, friends, communities, ourselves, et al.) ends up unheard, disrespected, or undervalued.

Lose-win and win-lose create such unacceptably poor results. Win-win solutions are much richer and more efficient for us and them, immediately and in the future.

And win-win always feels good.


In your corner,


PS : We start by asking what ultimate result would make a win for them.


Today’s photo credit: CzechR via photopin cc

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