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  • How to Finish the Year Well

    How to Finish the Year Well

    How to have a really successful year end? Spoiler: do less, not more.

  • Stuck in Fear Gear

    Stuck in Fear Gear

    It’s easy to see people–in your clan, company, community, and country–stuck in fear gear. Your first job here, good leader, is to show yourself that fear gear is neither necessary nor helpful. It is helpful to feel and acknowledge fear when it happens. But we can’t stay there. Realistic optimism always works better. Now, share […]

  • Don’t Be Realistic

    Don’t Be Realistic

    Negativity is important. Without it, we can’t know what we really want. Our problem is that we stay focused on the negative long after it has been useful. Staying in negativity is also known as “being realistic,” and it feels bad. Being realistic gives us no time, energy, or bandwidth to take advantage of what…

  • Pursue Our Dreams?

    Pursue Our Dreams?

    In business and life we wonder, “Should we pursue our dreams or be realistic?” Hold on! Who said these are mutually exclusive?   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: J.M.Seekford Soar via photopin (license)