Your Offers Accepted


“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

We all have something of value to offer. Whether we want to sell our products and services, convince others to adopt an idea or course of action, land a job, hire others, or inspire others, we think our job is to explain the value–the features, functions, and benefit–of our offer.

But people don’t buy features, functions, and benefits.

People mostly buy who we are. They want to know–and will be able sense–what our SweetSpot is. If our SweetSpot–the blend our our talents, passions, desires, and contributions–is compelling to them, they will make an instant “purchase” of our offer through their thoughts and emotions. Yes, of course our offer and its features, functions, and benefits still matter. They are the comforting proof that we can deliver on the promise of our SweetSpot.

Your job is to get clear on your SweetSpot. Then you get clear on the features, functions, and benefits of your offer. People will soon line up to accept you and your offer.

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