Go Ask

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  When in trouble, ask for help.   In your corner, Mike PS: Seriously. Go ask. The small amount of vulnerability needed to ask for help now is so much less costly than the serious kick-in-the-bum we’ll all get if you try to handle the unhandleable alone.

We Only Ever Learn The Hard Way

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Words, teachers, books, and classes don’t teach, really. They are only aides. We can only learn through our own experience. That’s why, as leaders, telling doesn’t work but open-ended questions and faith in the other’s deep capacity do.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: Mr.Tea April 25th – Ring Ring via photopin […]

Our Best Start

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In an interview, in a sale, when working with colleagues, or when leading others, we best start by understanding what our counterparts need, want, and desire. Then we can explore with them how our talents, products, services, ideas, and requests serve those needs etc. Our first steps are to ask open-ended questions about what they want and why. Then […]

Ask, Don’t Tell

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Tell me the answers, what I should do, what’s right, and you may get my grudging compliance. You certainly will be training me to distrust your motives and defend against your suggestions in the future. But, dear leader, ask me what I think, help me explore options and my own motivation, then set aside your opinions […]

any questions?

Go Ahead and Ask

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“What is that?” “How does that work?” “Why is that important?” All important questions that we tend not to ask. Given the way we all grew up, it’s not unusual that we don’t ask. We think we are judged by how much we know. But we step into knee-deep trouble when we think need to […]

Good Leaders Expose Rather Than Impose

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Here is the fundamental conflict in leadership. People universally resist being told what to do. We, as leaders (with or without titles), feel we are on the hook so we regularly tell people what to do. We can try various tactics to disguise our “telling” and they will have many creative ways to resist. Regardless, […]