What Sort of Thought Is That, Really?


Positive thoughts feel good when we think them. If we are feeling good, we can keep things rolling in the right direction by continuing to focus on the next positive, good-feeling thought.

Negative thoughts feel bad when we think them. When we feel bad, we are focused on thoughts that tend to push us away from our goals. Like positive thoughts, we may not be able to pinpoint the actual thought but if we’re feeling it, we’re thinking it. Luckily, we can select better feeling thoughts any time we want.

A word of caution though: negative thoughts can masquerade as positive ones. We may pick a thought or affirmation that sounds good but feels bad. If, for example, we may say, “Everything is fine; it’s all going to work out.”  But if we feel, perhaps, a knot in our guts as we say it, then we have found a negative thought masquerading as a positive one. Masquerading negative thoughts feel bad because, deep down, we still believe the opposite.

The way to handle any negative thought–regular or masquerading–is to catch ourselves feeling bad then flip or ladder our thoughts towards the positive.


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