Are We Doomed to Struggle with Our Tasks?

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How well are you managing your effectiveness system? Is it up to date and helping you stay atop everything? Or is it a tattered, mouldering mess? More the latter? If it’s any help, you’re not alone. Many of us are in the same boat. Why, though? What about the whole realm of focus management (a better […]


It’s Not That You Are Too Busy

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Though commenting on how busy we are and how much we have to do has become a bit of a global pastime, please do not fret about having too much to do. There’s nothing we can really do about it. The fact is, we will always have more tasks, ideas, and projects to tackle than […]

Quick Pause

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Today’s Success is Simple Top Tip: Spend 5 minutes near the start of your day slowing down, breathing, and focusing your mind on feeling good, on who you are, and/or on what you want. In contrast to the way we often rush or loll out of bed and into the world, this quick pause helps […]

flour, eh?

Too Much Flour

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You cannot fit 20 pounds of flour in a 2.5 kilo sac. Just can’t do it. You also cannot fit everything that you could do or even everything that everyone wants you to do into today. Just can’t do it. Instead, take a long, deep breath. Then work your effectiveness system. That you so can […]

Three Anytime

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Crazed, furious, afraid, sad, impatient, worried, hurt, frustrated, et cetera. These are but a few states you might find yourself in that diminish your effectiveness. The trick is not to prevent those states but to ease out of them as soon as you notice you are in one. Feel good. Then act. One of the […]

It Seems Magical

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When you are committed to win-win-or-don’t-play, the “how it will all work out” seems to take care of itself. What we had been worrying about melts away and we get stuff done. Frankly, it seems magical. And I’m okay with that. In your corner, Mike

Organizational Culture

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Organizational culture is not made with rules, procedures, processes, and systems. It does not come as a result of publishing your mission, vision, and values. It is not a communication problem, either. The elements of a great organizational culture include A clear, compelling, and commonly-understood focus. The right people, in the right roles, collaborating with […]

The Keep or Toss

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How are you feeling today? We have spoken about the improved effectiveness and other benefits of deliberately tuning your thinking towards thoughts that feel better and better. (See Effectiveness Habit #2: Feel Good. Then Act and here.) Tools to help you feel good include The Flip, The Ladder, Telling Yourself a Different Lie, and Focusing […]

Balance Your System for Sanity

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To stay effective and sane, balance the complexity of your personal effectiveness system. If it is too complex, you won’t use it. If it is not complex enough, it won’t be useful. Try the Barebone System if you would like to start a new system. Over time, you can add features that make sense and make […]