I Suck at…

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…is always a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Let’s catch and replace thoughts like this with thoughts like, “I may not know how to do this yet, but I can learn. I can get started with what I know and g(r)o(w) from there.”

Here’s to working our inner games and helping others do the same.


In your corner,


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Whenever You Need It

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Whenever you are feeling bad, tense, angry etc. about anything at work or home, remember these immortal words:

These are not the thoughts...







When we are feeling bad our only job is to catch it and find a way to feel better.


In your corner,


PS: You know, sometimes just celebrating our inner geekiness is a fine way to feel good.

PPS: Once we are feeling better, the rest will be, as they say, like shooting womp rats back on Tatooine.


How to Change the Wearying Work World

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Work can get wearisome. Every day, we face ineffective, short-term, and unkind things in our work lives. When we witness or partake in any approach, assumption, norm, belief, thought, or action that feels bad, we drain our batteries. These things have been going on for ages. It’s as if we have inherited a wearying work world.

Luckily, good feeling thoughts and actions count more and do more. One good-feeling thought or action will wipe away a hundred or a thousand bad-feeling ones. Good feeling thoughts and actions are much more effective, long-lasting, and self-reinforcing.

Try it. Catch yourself struggling with something wearying and flip it. Trust your heart and inspire others to do the same. With just a bit of focus, we can wipe away the wearying.


In your corner,


PS: Wow.


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3 Ways to Un-Inherit the Criticism Habit

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In the past two posts we’ve covered

As many have pointed out, describing this problem and solution are the easy part. The hard part is putting these good ideas into action.

Here are three things you can do today to solve problems without criticism.

  1. Catch yourself – Make a commitment to catch yourself criticizing (in thoughts, words, or actions) just once today. Often just knowing what types of situations trigger your criticism gives you enough insight to start adjusting your approach. Tip: it feels bad to criticize; notice where in your body you feel tension, weight, numbness, or pain when you are critical. For me, tension in my gut and shoulders tells me I’m focused on finding fault. Once you successfully catch yourself, try it again the next day. Rinse, repeat.
  2. Replace the Habit – Focusing on incompetence, criticism, finding fault are just habits that we’ve inherited. And we can replace any habit we choose. Use the Habit Builder to replace the habit of criticism with the habit of Putting the Problem on the Table.
  3. Go public – This is the gutsiest and probably quickest way to become someone who criticizes less. First, make a public commitment. It need not be to the whole world or even your whole company. Maybe just to your team at work or family at home. Describe to them what you are doing and why. Then, ask for their support. Give them permission to catch you criticizing. Ask them to remind you of your commitment and brainstorm ideas for addressing problems without criticizing, finding fault, and focusing on incompetence.

Give it a try! There’s much to gain. Then tell us here in a comment how well it went.

In your corner,


(PS: I double-dog dare you to try the third one.)