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Do You Get Good Networking?

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There are those of us who get good networking. We understand it as a natural, powerful way to find work within our SweetSpot, clients who want what we offer, employees who really fit, insight, help, and resources we need, and other business partners with whom we make wonderful wins happen.

And there are those who don’t get networking. Either they abuse it with ick and selfishness (sending others fleeing) or (fearing the abuse), they avoid it.

Some of us who don’t get it, can get it. We didn’t know that there is a comfortable, honest, powerful, great-feeling way to network with others. We didn’t think we were the type of person who can network. We didn’t understand that we could invite others into the club so that more and more would enjoy wins as we have.

And we didn’t realize that starting this powerfully effective networking is as easy as caring, being curious, and being ourselves.


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