Plug In

One quick way to cultivate access to you (Effectiveness Habit #7) is to read brief quotes, sayings, or thoughts that you agree with and that feel good to think.

Part of my daily refresh is a scan of now nearly 100 quotes, sayings, or quick thoughts that feel good. “Plugged in” is how I describe the feeling I get. Reading just a few each morning helps set me on track for a great day. When I neglect to do it, I can tell.

Here’s how you can add this tool to your toolkit:

  1. Make a new list (yes, another one  🙂 ). I call mine, “Plug In.”
  2. Add a few thoughts, quotes, or sayings to this list that feel good to you and that you agree with. Statements that don’t feel good or that you don’t agree may work for others and will keep you from “plugging in.”
  3. Scan this list during your daily refresh. Look to generate a good, plugged-in, inspired feeling. How you experience this feeling will be unique to you. You will notice at least one physical sensation. Others describe it as a tingling, lightness, buzz, or warmth in their chest, back, neck, arms, legs, belly, feet, hands, etc.
  4. As you notice them in your day-to-day, keep adding to this list any other quotes, sayings, and ideas that feel good and that you believe.
  5. If your “Plug In” list gets too long or you find some of the ideas less than inspiring, feel free to delete items or move them off this list and onto another list perhaps called, “Archived Plug In.”

Here’s to you having a plugged-in kinda day!



(P.S. You can use this list any time your need to feel better, as with Effectiveness Habit #2: Feel good. Then act.)

4 thoughts on “Plug In

    1. Thanks, Robert. Sometimes people get caught with sayings or quotes that they think they should believe and that should inspire them. Pick the ones that really work for you. Even ones you write yourself.

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