Your First Step
Your First Step

Your First Step

You can build a strategy–for yourself or your organization–out of fear. You can apply your intelligence, talent, and strength to defend against obvious or unspoken threats. If you find yourself (and your colleagues) struggling with questions of “How?” “When?” and “Who?” you are likely building a fear-based strategy.

The alternative is to build a strategy from who you are.  When you (and your colleagues) are considering questions like, “What is true now?” “What do we want to be true in the future?” and “Why?” you are creating from a deep well of energy, insights, and resources. Answering the “How?” “When?” and “Who?” questions then becomes easier.

Your first step is to choose which approach you will take. Either way will work. The fear-based approach will make (and lose) billions or trillions this year. The alternative method will, too. The one method costs dearly in personal and organizational energy. The other method is sustainable.

Your choice. Really.


In your corner,


PS: One good representation of who you (or your organization) are is your SweetSpot: where your talents and strengths, your passions and values, your needs-wants-desires, and the types of problems you like to solve all meet.

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