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While we identify ourselves as our bodies, our thoughts and emotions, or our memories, the sages tell us that we are much more. Not mystical, not dogmatic, and not limited to just some people, we have right-here-and-now access to a ton of wisdom and intelligence.

Most of us have experienced this by accident at least once before.

Though we aren’t used to tapping these resources, it is as easy as getting quiet and paying affection to the physical sensations of our feelings. If we can calm our day-to-day thoughts and raise our buzz, this wisdom will appear as good-feeling, exciting, and useful ideas.


In your corner,


PS: Tips: At first, the new ideas and accompanying feelings may be subtle. Trying to hard can stymie this process. So can trying to use this process while focusing on a big, emotionally charged problem; work up to those from things that aren’t charged. The quickest way learn is, oddly, to pretend that it is working.

PS: If this is not for you, that’s fine; set it aside.

Today’s photo credit: rustyruth1959 Wildflowers at sunset. via photopin (license)

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