What do you want to do?

Are you experiencing career angst? Great! Knowing what you don’t want to do is helpful. The real challenge is, of course, knowing what you want to do. The secret, I’m learning, is to connect to something bigger. Go beyond your personal preferences, desires, direction. What bold path can you tread? How can your serve but not be subservient? How can you lead powerfully by example and not by force? What talents, passions, joys reside in your good heart that our world desperately needs to have out and active, despite all fears? Listen to and follow your heart. If that sounds trite, tough! 🙂 Does it look too big to tackle? Tackle it anyway. Do you fear losing your lifestyle or your life? Place trust in yourself and goodness of others and act anyway. For so long as fear guides you, you will ache. Hint: if you’re not acting, you’re likely afraid of something–even something of which you’re not fully aware. Acknowledge your fears and act anyway.

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