The Real Reason
The Real Reason

The Real Reason

Why do we want an effectiveness system? (Yes, yes: to be more effective. And why do we want that?)

It is not so that we can get organized. (That is a side benefit.) It is not to have more time. (Twenty-four hours is what we get, more or less.) It is not so that we get more done. (We may end up being more effective and doing less.)

The real reason: to always know we are doing the most compelling thing right now.


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PS: Your system contains everything that you might do and lets you choose at any moment which one you will do. Can’t get any more effective than that.

PPS: Question: How can a task you hate (say, shovelling snow this winter) be compelling? Answer: By freely choosing it from all other things you might do.

PPPS: Question: What about tasks other people want us to do? Answer: Same: chosen from all things we could do, tasks for others become compelling.

Today’s photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video via photopin cc

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