The Four Reasons We Get Stuck


If any success for our organizations or ourselves seems elusive, then we benefit greatly if we can see what’s stopping us.

Sometimes we get stuck because we don’t really know what it is we are after (or are afraid to specify it).

Sometimes it’s because our buzz is too low; we are feeling bad, trying to make things happen (usually turns our poorly) instead of feeling good and allowing them to happen (usually turns out well).

Sometimes we get stuck because we can’t see how to work on the right, best things and end up working on the urgent things or on nothing much at all.

And sometimes success evades us because we’re trying to do it alone or we have not committed to win-win outcomes: someone (maybe us) who matters is losing.

Those are the only reasons, I promise. Success is simple.


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Today’s photo credit: coneslayer via photopin cc

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