Far-Fetched Fantasies of Success

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We are so used to thinking what could go wrong. We dive into far-fetched fantasies to explore the worst possible things that could happen. Flitting from this topic to that, we go through our days often not even aware of this bad-feeling monologue. One antidote: write down all the ways it could go right. Pick […]

little things

Each Little Thing

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Moment by moment, every chance we get, we can catch ourselves feeling bad and find a way to raise our buzz, to feel good. With each little thing–remaining calm despite traffic on the highway, letting go thoughts about how another person annoys us, breathing deeply to release tension, setting aside ideas about what’s wrong with […]


What Sort of Thought Is That, Really?

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Positive thoughts feel good when we think them. If we are feeling good, we can keep things rolling in the right direction by continuing to focus on the next positive, good-feeling thought. Negative thoughts feel bad when we think them. When we feel bad, we are focused on thoughts that tend to push us away from […]

Le Viaduc de Millau

When You Need The Impossible

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“Impossible.” “That won’t work.” “I’m not that lucky.” “I’m not that smart.” “You can’t change things.” “It always happens this way.” “It’s never worked out for me.” “You are just going to have to face reality.” Where we experience obstacle after obstacle, we are believing in impossibility. Where we witness anything new, we are witnessing […]



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We can plot every thought, feeling, emotion, and moment on a “buzz scale” that might go from from “dark and crappy” to “unbridled delight.” We can also plot our overall buzz as the place where we usually sit on that scale. Our buzz levels correlate to our world- and self views. The higher our buzz, […]

off shore

Anchored Away

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The extent to which you spend your quiet time (heck, even your noisy time) with your thoughts and words focused on what is, was, or might be wrong or broken is the extent to which you anchor yourself away from the shores of success. The keel side of that is true, too: the extent to […]


Fundamentally Fine

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Yesterday’s post about what to do when new habits won’t stick included this postscript: “The good news is that no belief about you, me, or it being fundamentally broken, flawed, or wrong is true. Not a titch.” Most of us face this belief in flaw from time to time. It can be a deep-seated habit. […]