It’s Very Hard Work

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We talk about approaching our piles of tasks with ease. We note how jumping into action when feeling tense, angry, or otherwise bad about stuff is counterproductive. And we at least suspect that taking the time to first feel good then act is a smart way to go. Yet many people complain that we advocate […]

re: Never Mind the Pile

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A large pile of tasks can make us feel anxious, annoyed, or apoplectic. We think that these feelings are a reaction to the pile–a call to buckle down, push harder, and make stuff happen. Nope. That feeling is the wiser part of us sending us a memo: “Never mind the pile. You’re fine. You’re just thinking about it the wrong […]

Selecting What NOT To Get Done

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It’s not about getting it all done. We can’t even get most of it done. There’s just too much we could do and more is always coming. The trick is to get good at selecting only the best things to get done. And to actively NOT do the rest. To do this, we first give ourselves […]

Make the Investment 

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When overloaded, the last thing we want to do is add more projects and tasks to our plate. But here’s a project that will remove things from our plate: renovate our task/attention management system. Time invested here will help us choose the most important things to do, throw away the low-value stuff, handle all the […]

How To Say No To Emails, Meetings, Etc.

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It’s hard to say no to all the emails, meetings, interruptions, and other demands on our time. It is hard, that is, until we commit to something bigger, better, and more important to say yes to. Yes. It’s that simple.   In your corner, Mike PS: Easy? Nope. Simple? Yes. Doable? By you!? Of course. […]

The Thinnest Sliver

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What is something you really want to do or even might want but haven’t done yet? What’s the smallest, thinnest sliver of a possible next step you can take towards that goal? Right. Off you go, then.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: A C cc

Getting Unpleasant Stuff Done

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What’s the best way to get something unpleasant done? We can use various techniques to push ourselves to do it. Or we can find ways to avoid it until it goes away or becomes unbearable. But both of these approaches drain us. A better way is to ask ourselves,  “What end result do I desire […]