How To Do What’s Hanging Over You

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You know that thing you need to do? The one that’s uncomfortable and hanging over you? We intellectually know that things will be better when we finally just do it. But how to get past the FUDWARG (fear, uncertainty, doubt, worry, anger, regret, guilt) that makes it uncomfortable and stalls or stops us? One good […]

One Wee Step

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Sometimes all we need is a teeny win. Committing to taking a step in the right direction–even a step that is not in the wrong direction–does the trick. We will either launch ourselves where we want to go or gain enough momentum to take another teeny step. What’s your one wee step, now?   In your […]

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The Task That Broke The Camel’s Back

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<<Snap!>> <<Ouch.>> One too many things on our plates can cause us to break like the proverbial camel’s back. When that email, task, or “Hey, couldya…” arrives to push us beyond our limits, what can we do? We can start ignoring things. We can pretend “none of this ever happened.” We can over promise and under deliver.We might even try […]

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Guilt and Delegation

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As leaders (with or without title), we can sometimes feel guilty for delegating work to others especially when it is work that we have done before and could do now. We think, “Aren’t we the responsible ones? Aren’t we getting paid the big bucks?” Included in our job as leaders is to make the connections, […]