Why We Needn’t Hire The Experienced

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Back in day, when things were more Industrial-Age-same-same, we could hire people based on their experience. The question, “Have they done this successfully elsewhere?” was a decent proxy for, “Will they do this successfully here?” Not anymore. Everything is unique, now. That they did it there is no guarantee at all that they will do […]


The Four Team Building Levers

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There are four levers we can use to build a great team. Sometimes we need to hire new talent. Sometimes we need to fire because we have the wrong talent. Sometimes we need to coach people to awaken talent. And sometimes we need to change the entire structure of the team because the right people […]


Career Checkup

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The criteria: Our work is successful and meaningful to the extent that it uses our talents, engages our passions, meets our needs/wants/desires, and helps others (individuals and/or organizations) solve problems that we find compelling or interesting. With these criteria in mind, let’s do a career checkup. Explore the following questions. Write down your answers. How would you rank your […]

Can They Do the Job?

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“Can they do the job?” is the question we commonly seek to answer when hiring. We use their résumés, interviews, and references to learn what they have done before and determine whether they can do what we need. Of course, the best person for the job may not be the one with all skills or […]

jump in

Jump In

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We often think about doing something new (starting a business, making a product, taking a stand, making a difference) and stop because we lack confidence.  We say, “I’ve never done this before. I don’t know how to do this. I am not sure I have what others have when it comes to doing this.  So […]


Move to a New Field

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Who says that you cannot move to a new field or industry because you only have experience in your current field? Plenty of people make that kind of move. Yes, when you move into a new field, there are technical aspects you need to learn. And you bring with you all your talents (e.g. your […]


Respect Your Talents

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Many of us don’t respect our talents. We often deny having any talents (we each have them). Or we think that our qualities are not that special. We think, “Doesn’t everyone do this?” No, they don’t. Respecting your talents is one of the important steps in plotting your career direction. And it is important all […]


Talent Funnel

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“I can’t grow because I don’t have the right people.” As leaders, we must find the right people, get them in the right roles, and have them working very well together. And we often have trouble finding good people. Here’s one good way to go: build a talent funnel. Like a sales funnel, a talent […]

Management by Pop Quiz

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Long ago, companies were run by standardizing, squeezing out waste, and controlling everything. To make that work, employees were expected to know stuff that kept the machinery running. At a moment’s notice, they had to spout things like sales figures, what the competition was doing, internal rates of return, and inventory turns by SKU. It […]