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You Need Not Struggle

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We regularly struggle in jobs that have long ago stopped working for us. We get stuck because our day-to-day busy-ness takes all our time. And we harbor fear-uncertainty-doubt about what–if anything–else we might do. It seems easier to stay put and tolerate it. “That’s just part of life, eh?” But it becomes a downward spiral. […]

They Struggle, Too

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One clue to working or conversing with almost anyone: despite appearances, they struggle and fear just like we all do. When we recognize this we open the doors to our compassion and formerly awkward, strained, or difficult conversations become easy. In your corner, Mike

You Don’t Need to Know How

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A client and friend of mine tends to get good parking spots at the busiest times. At the crowded supermarket, at a busy restaurant, and while holiday shopping–midday, on the weekend–at the mall,  she finds spots right up front. No hovering or stalking people returning to their cars. She just pulls in. How does she do it? […]

How Do You Approach a Problem?

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There are three ways to approach any problem. All three can work. (Before you read further, think of a problem bugging you or your organization. Keep this problem in mind as you explore the three ways. Three Ways To Approach Any Problem You believe that the problem is hard, that it is a threat to you or your […]

Why Organizations Fail

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Organizations often fail because they focus on the wrong things. When you see any group (leadership team, functional team, sports team, board, entire organization, family, etc.) stuck and bickering, power struggling, or getting lost in the minutiae, they are likely focused on how something should be done, who does or decides what, and when these […]

Blind To It

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Show me any struggle–major or minor, personal or in your organization–and I’ll show you blindness. The solutions, the road out, the way forward are simple, solid, and real. But blindness to them–an unintentional bias–maintains the struggle. This blindness comes from adherence to beliefs about the world, others, and self that may have worked or served […]