Between the Ears

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What is the gist of the stories we tell ourselves, 24/7? Are they like these…? “That’s just the way it is.” “I/you/they/we/those things suck.” “It’s their/my fault.” “Life is hard.” “It’s just business.” Or like these…? “This is good.” “I appreciate me/you/them/us/those things.” “I know things will work out well; they always do.” “Life is […]

Engaging Heroes

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People move when we engage their emotions. Yet we too often default to logic, authority, or habit. Not so moving. To engage their emotions, try telling a story with them as the hero. Include a bit about where they are now, where they could possibly go next, and why. Say something about the challenges they […]

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A Story

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There was once a band of smart, dedicated, caring, and simply successful people. Some of them lived in Toronto. The rest were scattered around the globe. Though they didn’t really know each other, each one had guessed that they shared something in common with the others. Take for instance Kimberly. Every morning, she would sit […]


Tell (Yourself) a Really Good Story

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We humans love a good story. Want to bore someone to tears? Give them the facts. Want to engage and move someone? Tell them a story. This truth also applies personally. We engage and move ourselves with the stories we tell ourselves. We’ve been telling some stories for so long we miss the fact that […]

What’s Your Story?

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Our successes today and tomorrow tend to follow the story we’ve been telling ourselves. Sometimes our stories are not front-of-mind. But we know by how we feel the quality of our stories. They need not be elaborate; we can frankly ignore all elements of plot. They just have to feel good. So, what’s your story? […]


This Is The Leaders’ Job

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As leaders, our job is not really about finance, operations, sales, strategy, law, board- and investor relations, HR, labor relations, regulations, or marketing–though these things are important and we may be good at them. Our job is not really about making decisions or giving orders. And it’s definitely not about being strong, smart, or right. […]


To Galvanize and Sustain Real Change, Tell a Story

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Facts, pleas, excitement, data, anger, politics, fear, outrage, logic. These are just some of the tools we use to influence others, to create change. They can work…for a while…sometimes…for some people. As leaders (with or without title), influencers, and sellers, we can really galvanize and sustain change by telling compelling stories. Pick a hero (normally, […]


Tell a Story

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We like to think we are logical, thoughtful, and reasonable. And we may be. We are, though, mostly emotional.  We are heavily influenced by how things feel. To collaborate with and influence each other, then, we must go to the emotions. That can feel uncomfortable, icky, or even dangerous. The trick to avoiding the ick […]

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What Does Success Look Like?

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Success demands that you state what success for you (or your business) looks like. It must be clear, compelling, complete, and (for your business) commonly understood. (Notice that Success never asks, “Which version of success that other people have defined for you would you like to choose?”) Defining success tells you what you are looking […]