New Year: How to Change the Stubborn Issues

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In this time of resolutions, reflection, and list-making, we can become understandably skeptical. Often the things we really want to be different just don’t change. We justifiably think that anything we might try now will suffer the same fate as past efforts. Luckily, it’s not true. You can affect any change you want. Even (and especially) […]

I Notice

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When we see someone repeatedly making the same mistake, we tend to tell them about it. The problem is, people will resist us telling them what to do or how to solve a problem. Even if our idea is a good one. And even if it would benefit them. They are subtly saying that it […]

Refresh Resistance, Part 1

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Ahhh! That’s what you say when you do Effectiveness Habit #6: Refresh. It helps you get back to that great-feeling, “I’m on top of it” place every day. This daily sweep through your lists is very important for keeping the system going. Yet many people (including at times yours truly) report how tough it is […]

3 Steps to Get Unstuck

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Next time you find yourself stuck, procrastinating, or at a loss for what to do, do not beat yourself up. Instead, use this tip. It works for me every time. Here are the three steps: Grab your set of lists. It doesn’t matter what state they are in. Start an ad hoc refresh of your […]