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  • Praise Early, Praise Often

    Praise Early, Praise Often

    We have also been taught not to praise. Maybe it’s supposed to spoil people or something. Regardless, we don’t do it enough. Praise, done well, is powerful. It feels good to give and get. It counters the negativity that can dominate our days. And it is a superb way to teach and lead. Just catch […]

  • Door Number 2

    Door Number 2

    Even if we do it behind their backs, people can tell when we have judged, criticized, or found fault in them. They will inevitably react. They may leave or stay. They may get aggressive or, most likely, they will passively and even unwittingly undermine all the good work. Even if we do it behind their…

  • A Gracious Thank You

    A Gracious Thank You

    What is the proper response to praise? How should we act when others tell us how talented we are? Downplay? Demur? Or quickly try to deflect with a compliment of our own for them? Maybe we should we analyze their comments for ulterior motives. Nope. The best response to praise from anyone for any reason…