The Way of the Natural Leader

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Not scolding, not withholding, not incenting, not hoping. Neither carrotting nor sticking. And certainly not I’ll-believe-it-when-I-see-it-ing. No. The best way to improve other people’s performance is to express to them our faith in their ability to do it. Our job, good and natural leader, is to find that place within us that believes they can […]

Sales and Influence

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Many of us resist sales and influence. We don’t like to sell. We don’t want to be sold. We see sales as somehow difficult, dirty, or dangerous. The same goes for influence. Yet we need to sell and be sold to. We need to influence and be influenced. Consider all your relationships with clients, partners, […]

A Natural Plan

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When you have a big goal, the distance from where you are to where you want to be can seem huge. It may be so huge that you won’t know how to start or worry that it can’t be done. The trick is to follow a natural plan. A natural plan adds useful detail to […]

Pricing on Principle

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How much should you charge for your products or services? This is an intense and complex question, yes? It probably brings up thoughts and fears about competition, worth, value, being liked and accepted, scarcity, and security. There are lots of approaches to pricing and they all have merits. Here is a principle you can use […]