Wrong Net

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If life is a game, then most of us are racking up points…on the wrong net. Even the most enlightened of us fixate on getting more money, recognition, and safety. We believe that we should maximize these so that we can–at last–have more happiness, freedom, and growth. “When I have this many dollars/this position/this situation, […]

This Statement

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You deserve and are perfectly equipped to live a fully happy, rich, and meaningful life. This is not a trite fortune cookie message. It is powerful perspective that many of us are missing and that all of us can adopt and realize. Despite what we may have heard, no one gets hurt if we believe […]

An Indsidious Question

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How much are you worth? This common, insidious question mixes two ideas that really should stay apart. It asks about how much money you have or make. It also pokes at your worth-as-in-worthiness. Putting these ideas together often leaves us thinking our worthiness has something to do with how much money we have. It doesn’t. […]

What To Do When You Feel Bad About Money

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If you ever feel bad about having (lots of) money, don’t. Having money when others don’t is a common source of guilt, blockage, and bad feeling. Appreciate your money. Spend your money. You spending it makes money available for others to have and use. You being happy and flowing your money will do infinitely more […]


What to Pay For/Charge As a Consultant?

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Consultants can earn anything from nothing to holy-moly-thatsalotta-dough. Generally, we pay a consultant roughly what we might pay an accountant or a lawyer. Whether we are considering hiring a consultant or becoming consultants ourselves, we can gauge fees based on these factors (in no particular order): The industry or client: Rates are higher in some industries. Competition from other […]

your jet, sir

Wealth and Status

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Wealth and status. Credentials and fame. Prestige and affluence. Contrary to some thought, none of these are bad. What is damaging to us and our world is pursuing them thinking they bring happiness. In fact, it’s the other way around.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: Daniel Piraino via photopin cc

Money or Meaning?

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Making all the money or doing meaningful work? Wait. Who says that we cannot have both? They are not mutually exclusive. They do not depend on position, status, or luck. They don’t even require what most of us know as “hard work and sacrifice.” They do require constant, conscious choice, clarity of purpose, being guided […]


How to Make Money

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The best way to make money is not to try. The next best way is to help others be happier, freer, and growing in any way that works for you and them. This is possible even for the business you are in right now. After that comes making a wage/salary/fee/bonus–minuscule or gargantuan–in exchange for your […]


Money as By-Product?

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What if money was a by-product? Instead of it coming in exchange for something, what if it came as needed whenever you threw yourself into a project you loved? Imagine what projects you would start, what experiences you would seek, what people your would meet. What if, indeed. In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo […]