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Is there an ultimate answer to the question, “Why?” Are life, the universe, and everything teeming with meaning? Or is it all particles and waves that randomly bash about guided by a few basic rules? Do our answers these questions do anything practical for our work, life, and happiness? Yup. Regardless of which way we see things, we […]


No Need for Enduring Legacies

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When we consider our careers and what makes them meaningful, let’s beware the wish for creating something that will last. Instead of enduring, let’s go for impactful. What problem can we solve? What condition can we change? Who would benefit? Enduring misses the mark. Once the impact is made, the thing doing the impact can melt […]

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The To-Do List is Dead…

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Long live the to-do list! Even people who are good at making lists of their tasks get overwhelmed. Despite having up-to-date lists, they find it impossible to prioritize, delegate, or know when to say, “no.” Yes, to-do lists are great for holding all our tasks in one place. Yes, they give us a sense of being […]

Can We Have Everything?

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The cars, the houses, the career, the family, the vacations, the meaningful experiences, the titles, the accolades, the bucket list, the prestige, the money, the cottage, the degrees and certifications, the friends, the love, the fame, the good life, the perfect swing, the next iPhone? (I could go on.) Can we have everything? No. There […]

Money or Meaning?

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Making all the money or doing meaningful work? Wait. Who says that we cannot have both? They are not mutually exclusive. They do not depend on position, status, or luck. They don’t even require what most of us know as “hard work and sacrifice.” They do require constant, conscious choice, clarity of purpose, being guided […]

What Does It All Mean-Examples

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Yesterday we saw how we get to define the meaning of things and how liberating it is to do so. Here are some examples to illustrate. The alternate meanings I have listed are not the “right” meanings; there’s no such animal as “right meaning” except the one that you choose for yourself. What is the […]

What Does It All Mean?

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Life, eh? What does it all mean? Why are we here? What’s the purpose? Who am I? Where do I fit in the world, in the galaxy? What is meaningful work? What is success? What makes sense for me, my family, my business/career? These questions just start to scratch the surface of something profound. They seem […]

Emptying Your Email Inbox

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How full is your inbox? Email messages will collect (and multiply, it seems!) there if you think that moving or deleting emails means you will forget to follow up. Without a trusted way to handle incoming emails, you will constantly battle a bulging inbox. To keep your inbox clean,  get good at Deciding what each […]

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. –Margaret Mead   If you ever find yourself despairing for the state of the world, remember two things: There are lots of people out there doing amazing things to make our world […]