A Leadership Power Tool

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Often the greatest gifts we can give another is to listen to them. Just listen and give acknowledgments (nods, “yeses,” and occasional brief recaps of what you heard). No advice, no direction, and certainly no oh-yeah-let-me-tell-you-what-happened-to-me.   In your corner, Mike PS: This is a leadership power tool. Listening can melt tensions, heal worries, and […]

shortest distance

The Shortest Distance

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We are here, we need to be there, and we need to take these steps to get there. It’s the straight line, the shortest distance. Yet other people not only can’t see it, they get in the way. They don’t do their part. They engage in politics, passive or aggressive resistance, and interference. Why can’t they see it? Why […]


How and Why to Get Coaching for Leaders

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We leaders (with or without title) have some significant and often unmet needs. We need to know we are making good decisions. We want to work through our thoughts and options. We need an unbiased sounding board. In other words, we need a coach. Without this support, we can feel a little or a lot […]


How to be Chosen

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We sometimes get trapped thinking that in order to be the one chosen (for the job or by the client), we need to be seen as being smart, hip, credentialed, correct, professional, hungry, not too cheap, sophisticated, anointed, rich, decorated, not too expensive, on trend, published, number one, the hottest new thing, well established, the […]

Why Don’t People Listen?

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Why don’t people listen? Oh, that’s easy: They start defending against what we say–often before we speak–based on how we say it, We tend to frame our messages in terms of what’s important to us: they listen in terms of what’s important to them, We speak past each other instead of taking time to understand, […]