Get Out of the Weeds

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To grow the revenue, outcomes, impact, and relevance of our organizations, we as leaders must get out of the weeds. Wherever we are doing or managing the work, we are creating serious limits to our growth. To the extent we focus on leading, we will grow. Leading means hiring the best people, stewarding the SweetSpot […]

Be The One

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While being the one with the answers can be useful, being the one who galvanizes everyone around an idea or direction– even if you are not the author–is far, far more useful. In your corner, Mike

light in darkness

Change Everything

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You may not be able to change a bad situation. But you can always bring more light into it. This is important because, without you trying to make it happen, your move will inspire others. This is how you can change a bad situation. This is how we change everything.   In your corner, Mike […]