We No Longer Need to Know

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Many organizations still suffer because they give titles, money, and prestige to the people who know more things.  People in these organizations fight each other to be the ones who have the answer. They may employ huge bureaucracies to hunt down the answers. They dedicate their precious leadership time to figuring out and defending their version […]


I Know Where the Library Is

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We have a story in our family about Aunt Lavie. While she was a young girl, the building housing what was once her small town’s library was on her family’s property. One day when she was very old, her nieces took her out for lunch at a newly-built fast-food restaurant in town. The restaurant had included […]


Leader, Know Thyself

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As great leaders, we understand ourselves. We know our strengths, blind spots, and biases. And we consistently grow ourselves. We do all this for three reasons. First, self knowledge and growth are valuable in their own right. Life becomes more and more rich, beautiful, and fulfilling as we learn about and become more of ourselves. Second, […]