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Great Organization and Wonderful Life?

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Building a great organization–one that is sustained, meaningful, rewarding, and valuable–doesn’t necessarily mean building a large organization. Living a wonderful life–one filled with freedom, happiness, growth, and creativity–doesn’t necessarily mean living a large life. Now that we have that out of the way, good leader, what’s to stop you from building a great organization and […]

Bad, Good, and Great Leaders

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Bad leaders try to keep things as they always have been. They mostly push and struggle. Good leaders try to enlist others to create the better ways or better world they envision. They are generally positive, usually effective, but may push and struggle, too. Great leaders focus on the present. They are curious and tickled […]

To Lead a Great Life

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One way is to be what’s expected of you. That may mean playing small. Or it may mean striving to measure up or even to be better than. Another way is to be more and more of what and who you are. The former demands from you lots of energy,  focus, and endurance. The latter […]