A Natural Plan

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When you have a big goal, the distance from where you are to where you want to be can seem huge. It may be so huge that you won’t know how to start or worry that it can’t be done. The trick is to follow a natural plan. A natural plan adds useful detail to […]

Set Two Goals

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When you set a goal for yourself or your business, set two goals. The first is a quantitative goal. The second is qualitative. Together they are much better at guiding you to your desired ends than a quantitative goal alone. If you only specify a quantity–“10 new clients by the end of this year ” […]

What Do You Want?

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In career, business, relationships, and health–in areas large and small–we sometimes struggle to get what we want. When we struggle, there is often–oddly–one major and overlooked cause: we have not satisfactorily defined what we actually want. Instead, we act out of habit chasing, at worst, whatever will temporarily relieve the tension or, at best, vague […]