Why Bother with a Business Plan?

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What’s the value of a business plan? It’s not the plan.  All plans quickly become out of date from the moment we write them. No, the value is the act of planning and the concrete goal that we put into making a business plan. By setting a goal and planning how we’ll get there, we […]


A Cure-All

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There is a cure that is good for reducing unsightly politics, itchy inaction, painful apathy, and embarrassing turnover. It is also good for vigorously increasing sales and meaningful impact. It is not a pill, tincture, tea, or cream. It doesn’t come from a dispensary; it comes from all of us. We as leaders (with or without title), […]


Has Success Eluded You at All?

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Past performance is not an indicator of future results. That success may have eluded us in the past is no indication that we will not be successful now. If we set a goal, go for win-win, raise our buzz, and act as inspired, we will succeed. Only our expectations or fear of failure, usually steeped in […]

What It Means When They Aren’t Getting Stuff Done

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That they are not getting valuable stuff done (or are just doing the wrong things) is a sure sign that we haven’t done our job of establishing a clear, compelling, commonly understood goal and constantly reminding people of how what they do contributes to the goal. Of course, we need more than just that goal […]


It’s a Paradox

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Any success demands both a clear, compelling description of our desired outcome and a complete acceptance of whatever we have now (that, presumably, is not that outcome). I want to sell more and I completely accept my current sales volume. I want to reduce turnover and I completely accept the current turnover. I want a […]


Is Everyone Rowing In The Same Direction?

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Here’s an exercise: Ask everyone at work today, “Who are we? What does our organization do? For whom? Why do we do that?” If your organization is like most, you will get as many answers as people you ask. And that’s quite a problem. A big part of the success of any organization is having a clear, […]

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Choose Something

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Success demands we first clearly declare what we want to achieve. Yet we are often afraid to do that. We worry that we will be disappointed if we set our hearts on something and it doesn’t materialize. We fret that we won’t be able to handle or hold on to the success. Or we are […]

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Goals Must Feel Good

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There is a caveat when setting large, nutty, impossible goals: they don’t work if you feel bad while you are setting them. If it feels bad–like a weight on your shoulders or a punch in the stomach–you are getting insight that the goal is not right for you. You may be selecting this goal out […]


Large, Nutty, Impossible Goals

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“I want to make an extra $100,000 this year.” “I am going to run an ultra marathon.” “I am going to lose 50 pounds and keep the weight off.” “We are going to triple our sales.” “I am going to get a meaningful, rewarding job that lets me balance my life and still pays well.” […]


Enough with the Calculus of Fate

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When we look to the future, most of us have very little idea about what we actually want.  If pressed, we mention some generic notions like  having more money, more success, more time, better relationships, or staying healthy. Oddly, we actually resist getting specific. We kick up “yeah, buts”  like, “What if I dream of […]