Which is Better: Avoid or Enjoy?

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There is a vast difference between seeking positive and avoiding negative. It is very difficult to generate positive by avoiding negative. We all want and deserve positive. Avoiding negative just can’t cut it anymore. At work and in life, set aside what you wish to avoid and tell me what you want to enjoy.   […]


Focusing on What’s Wrong?

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Focusing on what’s wrong feels bad. And it is helpful as long as we continue on to what we want instead and what’s right already. Otherwise, we will be wallowing while thinking, perhaps that we’re solving problems.   In your corner, Mike PS: One way to tell if we’re wallowing is that we continue to feel […]


Too Much Bad to Feel Good?

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How can I raise my buzz? How can I go about feeling good when circumstances are this bad? –Everyone Your results match how you feel.  But it can seem silly to expect that we can suddenly feel good when we are so occupied with what’s not going well at work or home. But we each have the […]


Bad News, Good News, Best News

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The bad news is that we are pretty much the sole source of any lack of success we experience, anywhere. <<sigh>> The good news is that we are pretty much the sole source of any success we want. <<yes!>> The best news is that we don’t have to fret the details, worry the plans, or […]

off shore

Anchored Away

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The extent to which you spend your quiet time (heck, even your noisy time) with your thoughts and words focused on what is, was, or might be wrong or broken is the extent to which you anchor yourself away from the shores of success. The keel side of that is true, too: the extent to […]

turn to focus

Turn to Focus

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The suggestion is, “Feel good. Then act.” And that knot in your gut, that tension between your shoulders or up your neck, that jittery, bothersome, or stiff sensation in your chest, legs, back, or head, that sense of weight, cold, or weariness? These all feel bad. When you feel (and feelings happen in your body) […]


Choose to Dwell

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“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” – Shakespeare What Will means is that we can choose to dwell on the good or the bad in every thought, situation, or thing. A shockingly high proportion of our work as leaders is to acknowledge the bad (mustn’t bury our heads in […]